Declaration of Covenants


To obtain an online version of the neighborhood Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, please click on the link below. All property in the Mimms Trail neighborhood is governed by a Board of Directors, and all residents are required to follow the neighborhood's Declaration of Covenants.



Covenant Violation

If you are aware of an unresolved covenant violation, please complete and submit a Covenant Violation Form.


Please complete the form in full detail. The Covenants Committee is unable to fully investigate a complaint without all the requested information. You may be contacted if additional information is needed. Once results and/or a resolution has been found, you will be notified.



Architectural Review Committee (ARC)


Planning an improvement or addition to the exterior of your home? Please submit for approval through the ARC Approval Form. Each request will be reviewed and approved, according to standards presented in the Declaration of Covenants and ARC standards.





No chain link, vinyl coated, or wire fences shall be permitted within the Development, except within the Common Areas, and those fences erected by Developer or approved by ARC. No fences shall be allowed in front yards. Electric fences shall not be permitted. The type of materials utilized for (including the color thereof) and the location of all fences must be approved by the ARC.